Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Venting Rough-in

A lot has been going on inside. The HVAC has been roughed in. We requested rigid venting for the exhaust fans (bathroom, kitchen, and laundry) because they are more energy efficient and easier to clean than flexible vent pipes. This picture shows the vent housing for the master bath and some of the HVAC vent and return ducts:

Can't remember whether we mentioned this before or not. We had planned for a ventless propane fireplace i the living room. But health agencies warn against their use, especially in a well-insulated space. 

We investigated options and decided to go with an ethanol-burning fireplace. The ethanol, alcohol, and gel burning fireplaces only give off carbon dioxide (like we do when breathing) and steam. They have been approved by the EPA and Canadian health departments. We purchased ours from Laguna Waterworks. The living room has been framed in to accomodate it:


I was finally able to get a decent picture of the south-facing living room wall and sliding door to the deck:

We also brought Kuma with us on our last visit. She had some trouble walking down the stairs. Since our current home is all on one level, she has only navigated a few steps at a time. She walked down the stairs correctly with her front feet, but hopped two steps a time with her rear legs. I'm sure she will get the hang of it. Afterwards, she looked quite comfortable:

The soaking tub finally arrived! The rest of this week will probably be more plumbing and the start of electrical rough-in.

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