Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Stained Concrete Floors

We are putting a few drops of sweat equity into the house. Our first major project was to stain the concrete floors in the entry and downstairs billiards room. The biggest effort was cleaning up. We had help from Jim and Dave on that.

The staining itself was not that much different from painting, but it took a few trials and errors to get the technique right. We used a paint roller to apply the stain and went over it with a paint pad to spread it out evenly. We used a soy-based stain and sealer. They had no smell at all and the rollers and pads cleaned up with water.

This picture shows the entry. You can see the raw concrete in front of it, which will be covered up with bamboo flooring.

This is the billiards room with a coat of sealer on it:

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