Monday, February 22, 2010

Dried In!

Things have been happening so quickly, we haven't had time to post anything. The frame is dried in now, with tarpaper on the roof and Hardiboard siding around the side and back:

The Hardiboard will be painted later on. This shot shows the south side:

On the upper deck, the plans had stairs from the top deck to the bottom. When I noticed how close the ground was to the top deck, I asked Don about having a ramp to that upper level near the garage instead of stairs. He not only delivered the ramp, but a nice roof over it. We expect to be using it when we let Kuma out.

This shot shows the front wall of the living room:


The fireplace will be in the middle and the TV will be under the right set of windows. The video didn't come out the best, but it scans from this front wall to the kitchen.


  1. Hello, we just found your blog and are so excited to find someone else applying all the green building techniques that we want to use on our next house. We live in Houston, and would love to tour your home. Are you signed up for any Green Home Tours?

  2. We're going to apply for Austin Cool Homes tour, but we weren't far enough along to apply this year. We'll try again, but we may be too far away from Austin, and we have limited parking. If you are going to be in the Austin area, send an e-mail, and we'll give you a personal tour.