Thursday, April 15, 2010

Roof Finished, Insulation Sprayed, Sheetrock Arrives

Things are moving so quickly now that I've fallen behind in my posts. Here is a shot of the finished roof:

The spray foam insulation is in. Don used a closed cell product. This wiki page describes the advantages of closed cell spray insulation. When you walk in the house now, the sounds from outside are almost totally cut off. We were on the deck and a neighbor was practicing on his drums. It was quite loud on the deck, but when we went in the house and closed the door, you couldn't hear it unless you stood right next to the door. Here is the living room after they sprayed and rasped the walls down to be flush with the studs:

We happened to stop by while they were bringing the sheetrock in (you might want to lower the volume before playing) :

The workers were carrying two of the 4X12 sheets--I guess a common occurrence for them, but it looked difficult to us:

The rock for the front of the house was also delivered. The picture colors are a little off because the photo was taken in low light. The facade will be creamy colored overall, with some gray, orange, and rust patches to match the roof and trim. The majority is limestone, with another type (forget the name) mixed in. The limestone is quarried locally, which mimizes the impact of transportation.

I've mentioned the wildflowers and birds before, I have a few pictures to post this time. Here is Kuma, enjoying the bluebonnets:

And, here are a few visitors to the bird feeder:


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