Friday, April 30, 2010

Ready for Paint!

The taping is done,

and the texture has been applied.

So, we went over the colors today with Lupe, the painter. He will be using Pittsburg Paints Pure Performance, a no-VOC low-odor paint. In the context of the whole house, painting is a small task with no structural impact, but it will bring us that much closer to completion and will start adding the feeling of a home.

As we were leaving, Tom noticed this visitor:

We think that it is a Texas Brown Tarantula. It wasn't as large as tarantulas that I've seen in pet shops, but you can see from it's proximity to the door hinge that it is large enough! The specs on the picture are overspray from the texture.


  1. Wow!
    Very Fantastic design, elegant and so nice!
    The floor really fit with bed, chair and all the included appliances in the picture. I this this would be my ideal home.

  2. Wow what a big spider.