Saturday, July 10, 2010

Almost Finished!

As you can imagine, a lot has happened over the last month. Unfortunately, we were not able to keep up with our posts due to family illness that required two trips out of state and a traumatic lay off at work (not me, but half of my team), which left me with a number of deliverables to finish up. Enough about that, we decided to skip all of the intermediate stuff and show you the state of things now.

All of the major systems are hooked up except for the solar PV, which should be finished early next week. The rain barrels are hooked to the gutters and supply. In just one thunderstorm, we collected 800 gallons! We had not anticipated so much rain and had bought 4,000 gallons of water from a delivery service. However, it was very reasonably priced -- under $200 including delivery, so we won't complain. The solar hot water heater is installed on the roof. This photo shows the deep box gutters and the solar heater just to the right of the cupola:

The greywater system is operating as well. The shower, tub, washer, and bathroom faucets will drain into a tank where they will be purified enough to reuse for toilet flushing. I'll post a picture later. We have lights and air conditioning in the house, so can finish the final details in comfort!

The dishwasher and refrigerator are in. The kitchen wall (white areas) will be painted and then the stove will be installed:

Here is a closeup of the kitchen:

And, a shot looking from the kitchen toward the living room:

This is the current state of my Venetian Plaster wall in the bedroom. My teacher, Jim was kind enough to work on it while I was away caring for my family. It will have one or two more coats to finish, and it should look like a wall in Tuscany that has been painted and replastered for hundreds of years. I will then paint the walls and ceiling a more complementary shade:

In the master bath, I--with a little help--made the vanity top from concrete. I really love the way it turned out:

We are waiting for our Lower Colorado River Authority permit to operate our septic system, the final town inspection for an occupancy permit, and an appraisal. Then, we should be able to start moving in!

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