Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Driveway Turnaround and Pre-pour Progress

We had record-breaking cold here over the weekend, with the airport registering 12 degrees. On Sunday, the sun was shining and a bit warmer, so we ventured out to check the progress. The drive has been graded some more and we have a turn-around:

The garage and part of the house will sit on post tension engineered slabs. Here is a picture of the cables that are used instead of traditional rebar:

They are covered to avoid corrosion and sit on little black cups that hold them at the correct height. The HGTV website has a nice article on this type of slab: http://www.hgtvpro.com/hpro/bp_foundation/article/0,2617,HPRO_20146_3745450,00.html.

Before pouring, this prep work was inspected by both the town and an engineer. Don has called us a couple of times to change the ETA of the first pour because small things came up. We expect it to be tomorrow (Wednesday) at 8.

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  1. True! Cable works more efficiently to stand still rather than rebar.
    Pre-engineering buildings