Friday, November 27, 2009

Starting Soon!

We signed all of the papers earlier this week and will meet Don and the foundation contractor on Monday the 30th. They will be marking off the areas for the driveway, retaining walls, and slabs. A number of trees will be removed, but we are trying to save the hardwoods. So, we drove up today to take some pictures before the clearing gets started. These two were enjoying wildflower nectar. Do you see the well-camouflaged one?

The property is overgrown with Ashe Juniper trees, which are commonly called Cedar. Cedars are considered a nuisance in this area. They take the available water away from other trees and many people are allergic to their pollen. So, we will be removing many cedars and either chipping them up for mulch or saving the trunks for fence posts.

To get an idea of how thick they are, this photo shows the area of the street where the driveway will start. The cedars are the ones with deep green foliage.

It was a grey day. The next two pictures were taken close to the area where the house will sit. The first is the view toward the southwest, the second toward the southeast. Even at this distance, you can see how low Lake Travis is. Even after several recent rains, it is still 16.6 feet below its average November Level.

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